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    Nissin is one of famous total brake system manufacturer in Japan.
    many OE Manufactures in domestic and foreign countries, and the racing activity with several top teams.
    We plan the specific products for aftermarket in cooperation with Nissan and try to provide more comfortable and reliable brake products to our customers.


    Creation & Contribution


    Through our dedicated and continuous efforts, we will provide highest quality products and services to satisfy our customer needs by offering creative and reliable business activity.

    Management Policies

    Contribution to society.
    We will share joy with our customer. We will put our best efforts to create new products and services.
    Continue a profound study.
    Through building our character as a citizen, corporate citizen and family member, we will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the corporation.
    Respect for each other.
    With our philosophy of "respect for each other", our goal is to have everyone participate in managing the company.